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Important PCB is high-tech factory located at Shenzhen City, the factory has three shop,1 is 

for rigid pcb, the 2nd is for flex pcb, the 3rd is for SMT, all  passed UL ,ISO9001 and TS16949.

 Our products include: single side and doble side FR4 or Flex PCB,Multilayer PCB、Metal base

 PCB、Hi-Tg heavy copper foil PCB、Flat winding multilayer PCB、High frequency PCB、Mixed

 dielectric base high frequency multilayer PCB. Developing and manufacturing all kinds of special

 type PCB and special materials PCB. Products are used in wide range of hi-tech industries such 

as: telecommunication、power supply、computer、industrial control、digital products、science 

and education instruments、medical instruments、automobile、aerospace defence、ect. 

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